Privacy Statement

We consider it important that you know how we handle your personal data so that you can trust that your data is in good hands with us. It’s about your privacy, and there should be no ambiguity about it. You can find all this information in our privacy statement, which applies to Mead Johnson Nijmegen.

  1. Collection of Personal Data
    We collect personal data from visitors and users of our Mead Johnson Nijmegen website. When you visit our website, we gather information related to the type of device, browser, and how you use our website. This information helps us improve the website for your convenience and to provide you with the best possible service. We also collect data if you enter it on our website and store it for a maximum of 1 year.
  2. Sharing of Personal Data with Others
    Mead Johnson Nijmegen may share personal data with other parties, such as:

    • Government agencies (such as the Tax Authorities);
    • Suppliers (when they manage applications, for example);
    • Police and Judicial authorities (solely based on a court order or judgment). We only share personal data with third parties if there is a legitimate reason for doing so.

    This may be a legal obligation or a legitimate interest in our business operations. We always inform the person concerned before sharing personal data unless prohibited by law.

  3. Your Rights
    If you want to know what personal data Mead Johnson Nijmegen has collected about you, if we have incorrect data, or if you want your personal data no longer to be known to Mead Johnson Nijmegen, send a substantiated request to Even in the case of this request, we are careful. Therefore, we ask you to authenticate yourself to ensure that you are who you claim to be. After verification, we try to fulfill your request within four weeks. If we need more time for this, we will inform you as soon as possible. For certain data that Mead Johnson Nijmegen collects, a legal retention period applies. This means that we are not allowed to delete some data, but we also discard data after the expiration of that retention period. In this case, we cannot provide you with this data after the retention period has expired.
  4. Security
    Mead Johnson Nijmegen makes every effort to protect your personal data optimally. We do this based on our information security policy. We have taken technical measures to prevent unlawful use. We do not sell data to third parties.
  5. Data Breaches
    Despite Mead Johnson Nijmegen’s efforts to secure personal data, it may happen that personal data accidentally falls into the wrong hands or is about to do so. Our approach is always to close the leak as quickly as possible, minimize damage to those involved, and prevent a recurrence. If you think you have discovered a data breach in our systems, please report it via
  6. Cookie Policy
    When you visit our website, functional, analytical, and tracking cookies are automatically placed on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. These cookies are small text files that allow us to see which pages are visited and how visitors use forms and other functionalities. We track the visitor to the level of ‘user location.’ From this data, we cannot determine your IP address. If you do not want cookies from our website on your computer, tablet, or phone, you can enable or disable cookies in your internet browser settings and delete them. You do this yourself because cookies are stored on your computer. Instructions on adjusting your cookie settings can be found in the ‘Help’ function of your browser.
  7. More Information
    If you have any questions after reading this privacy statement, please contact
  8. Finally
    We can always change our privacy statement, for example, if there are changes in the law or jurisprudence or developments around our business activities. The most recent version can be found on our website. This privacy statement was established by Mead Johnson Nijmegen on April 14, 2022.